About Us

Who the heck are you guys?

Innovative Homebrew Solutions isĀ not a big online company. In fact, it has a single employee – me. My name is Dennis Collins and I started Innovative Homebrew Solutions in 2005 selling what I still consider to be the best hop screen available to the homebrewer – the original Hop Stopper. At first, the proceeds of the company were only enough to fund my homebrewing hobby. However, after several years, the company steadily grew and demand for the Hop Stopper exceeded my wildest expectations. Today, the Hop Stopper has been shipped to all 50 states in the USA and to over 15 different countries. Through it all, the company has still maintained the same one-man-show staff.


One guy? Running the whole operation?

Yep. From correspondence, to bookkeeping, to hand making every single Hop Stopper, I do it all. After all, there is no one else around to do it. I don’t farm out the production to any hands but mine.


How can you possibly take care of your customers?

For the entire history of this company, my only focus has been to take care of my customers. I have personally written and corresponded with thousands of customers from the smallest detail on an order to a complete product recommendation and description tailored to their specific needs. That’s the way I roll. I’m a homebrewer and I know how I want to be treated and that is the way all my customers can expect to be treated by me. I take the good with the bad and for any customer who has a gripe or a problem, I do whatever is necessary to rectify it. Customer service is job #1 in this company. If you doubt this, check any discussion forum or Google for feedback about this company. Any schmuck can put testimonials on his website that only say the good things. The Internet tells the true story. Check it yourself and you’ll see, I’m serious about customer service. My motto is “If you aren’t happy, neither am I”.


So, what can I expect as a potential customer?

  • You can expect prompt communication whether you have a simple inquiry or need an answer to a detailed question. I answer all of my e-mail personally.
  • I will work personally with every customer to arrive at the best solution for them. I have lots of opinions and I am a homebrewer first – not a guy trying to push a product. If you don’t need it, I won’t recommend it. If I don’t think it’s going to work for you, I won’t recommend it. Honesty and integrity, it’s the only way I do business.
  • Most orders are shipped out the same day they are received, but virtually all are shipped within 1 day.
  • I have the best guarantee of any homebrew retailer. I don’t hide behind “company policy” and a bunch of lawyer speak when it comes to customer satisfaction. If you aren’t happy, neither am I. I offer a full refund on every product which includes your originally shipping costs in most cases. What’s more, on the Hop Stopper, you have a full year to try the product as many times as you like to decide whether or not you like it. The same refund policy applies at any time during that year.


So, what’s your story?

I am a homebrewer and homebrewing is my full time job. I like to call myself a professional homebrewer. I started the hobby in 1992 and brewed sporadically until 2001 when I built my first all grain brewing system and began to take the hobby more seriously. It was at this time that the Hop Stopper was designed, built, and used for the first time. I maintain a website called Hands-On Brewing that details the design of my HERMIT brewery along with lots of other useful information about homebrewing. I continue to brew regularly and am active in my local club, the Tennessee Valley Homebrewers. I’m an active Certified BJCP judge since 2006.

The Hop Stopper

The Hop Stopper is a unique and effective screen that is installed into the brew kettle to filter hop trub and other debris from your wort. Order Today